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Welcome to August 99! Prior to our Initial Design Meeting, we'd like you to fill out this questionnaire and provide us with as much information as you can with regard to the look and feel or aesthetics that you are aiming for. This will help us understand your design needs and come up with the best visual solution for your online business.

Upon completing the questionnaire, please save us your answers and send this document back to us. Once we receive your input, we shall schedule a call to brainstorm with you and discuss the design direction in further detail.

Thank you very much!

Business Background

What is the name of your Company or Business? *

What industry you belong to? *

Do you have a branding logo and an existing logo scheme? *

Please paste link to Logo here *

Does your brand name use a tagline or slogan? *

How many people are you in your Staff or Team? *

Will they need personal pages and back-end access to the site? *

What kind of product or services do you offer? *

Please Enumerate
Will you feature your facilities or equipment? *

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Describe your target audience. *

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What Communities, Cities or Areas are you focusing on? *

Design Goals

What objectives are you trying to achieve with this website design? How would this website benefit your business? *

What is the primary "action" the site visitor should take when reading your website ? *

(make a purchase,become a member, search for Information)
What different types / segments of users see the website? *

(customers, employees, upper management, etc.)
How Computer savvy are your users? What is their age group? Do they have new computers, surf the internet frequently, use social media or have websites themselves? *

If you could communicate only one message to visitors, what would it be? One clear, simple concise thought. No run on sentences. *

What are your competitors doing with their website in terms of design and content? *


Do you have a particular color scheme in mind? If your existing branding scheme, should we use the same colors?* *

What design would complement your company image? *

(e.g. basic, minimalist, clean, spacious, modern, contemporary, avant-garde, traditional, earthy, textured, geometric, illustrated, creative, grunge, rustic, metallic)
What types of photographs or imagery should be used on your website? *

(e.g. office, team, business graphics, products, facilities, equipment, lifestyle, scenery, landmarks, people, abstract, illustrations)
Are there things you do not wish to see on your design? *

(e.g. no cartoonish drawings or images, no floral patterns, no dark colors, no neon colors, no drab photographs, no ugly fonts, no pictures of animals)
Name 3 to 5 references from the web and tell us what you like about them: *


Name 6 to 8 main pages to assign as your navigation button *

(e.g. Home, Company, Services, Products, Links, Contact)
What set of features will your website need?
What will make your site more useful to your customers?

Choose as many as you like

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